GMH Recognized as Top Performing Hospital

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


    For the past year Gordon Memorial Hospital has been working on a state-wide project of reducing patient harm.  Together with 39 other Nebraska hospitals, Gordon Memorial Hospital has been reporting on 7 risk areas for patients who are hospitalized.  These areas of risk include Adverse Drug Events, Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections, Falls, Pressure ulcers, Venous Thromboembolism, and Readmissions. 
    The American Hospital Association Hospital Engagement Network evaluates hospitals monthly on their success on achieving the 40 percent reduction for harm topics and 20 percent reduction for readmissions.  Based on the October 9, 2014 report, 15 Nebraska hospital had achieved the 40/20 goals on at least 90 percent of their applicable topics.  Among those 15 Nebraska hospitals, was Gordon Memorial Hospital, the only hospital recognized from the Panhandle. 
    Gordon Memorial Hospital also participated in the University of Nebraska Capture Falls Project which was valuable in assisting the hospital in reducing the patient fall rate through the creation of an interprofessional fall risk reduction tem, adoption of a risk assessment tool, staff education, and the purchase of equipment to help with the prevention of falls. 
     “Gordon Memorial Hospital is committed to providing high quality care and continuous patient safety,” stated Kathie King, Director of Quality and Risk at the hospital.  “Working with institutions like the Nebraska Hospital Association and the University of Nebraska Medical Center keeps the hospital connected with experts in the field and helps Critical Access Hospitals to provide care based on the most recent research and highest quality practices.”  “We are very proud of the Hospital, the Providers, and the Hospital Staff for this achievement.”